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The Story

“Let’s make pretzels today,” says Baker John.

“You bread my mind!” jokes Baker Jane. 

John rolls out pie crust, cold and buttery. Jane folds blueberries into muffins. They bake pretzels and cinnamon rolls, too. The floured air floats out of the kitchen.

Soon, the front door swings open on the rasping hinges. Neighbors are ready for breakfast and coffee at Love Love Bakery.

Love Love Bakery: A Wild Home for All is a story about a day in the life of a bakery and coffee shop where all are welcome. The oven roars to life before the sun is up as bakers Jane and John prepare for a good day of gathering inside their beloved bakery. Bread rises. Coffee brews. Tea steeps. The door is open and there is place for everyone at Love Love Bakery. 

For those who savor a warm morning drink, for the children who tag along for biscuits and jam, for the music makers and the mess makers-- this book is for you. 


How I Made a Book

Hey! My name is Sara and this is my very first book. I hope you love reading it.

People like to ask how I made a book. I guess it can be pretty mysterious how a book gets made. I didn't publish it the usual way. That means instead of selling my book idea to a big publisher who would pay for everything and control everything about how it's made and how it's sold, I paid to have the book made myself. Actually, in the fall/winter of 2017, 180 friends and families contributed to the Love Love Bakery Kickstarter campaign. They wanted this dream to become a real live book just as much as I did! It was beyond awesome-- it was a show-stopping act of kindness and generosity.  

I have a publisher-- Lucid Books. I paid them for access to their publishing expertise and connections to things like a printing press and interior designers and all sorts of other important things. And because I am the one investing money in the project, I get to collect 100% of the profits. I think it's pretty fantastic. 

Because I'm in control of the project-- the illustrator and I got to choose each person (and animal) who is illustrated in the book! I had the final word on the book's message and I get to decide where and how it is sold. This book is so many things-- a celebration! a story! a love letter! an act of resistance! a wild home for all! And I get to protect all of those ideas since I published it this way. 

Okay, so long story short-- here is how I made the book: 

  • I ran a Kickstarter to raise funds for illustration, design, publishing, printing, and Kickstarter rewards.
  • I wrote the whole first draft while eating two giant tacos at Torchy's Tacos.
  • Dozens and dozens of revisions, and asking my friends to read it and to tell me what to do about it. 
  • Editing with TWO incredible editors-- Nick Courtright and Joe Thompson
  • Hired an illustrator-- H2 Alaska-- by going to her art studio, reading her a piece of the book (I was very nervous and sweaty!) and asking her to take a chance with me.
  • Created a storyboard one or two or three times so H2 could start illustrating
  • Turned everything in to Lucid Books. They created the cover and the interior layout.
  • Lots and lots of work on creating the Kickstarter rewards that I'll also sell here. Things like postcards, letterpress prints, enamel mugs, sticker sheets, and chai. 
  • EMAILS!!! So many emails. Emails to ask people to back my Kickstarter. Emails with designers and vendors and the publisher and illustrator. Emails asking people to say nice things about my book (aka asking for endorsements). Emails to ask bakeries and coffee shops to let me read the book in their spaces. Emails to ask bookstores to sell my book. SO. MANY. EMAILS. 

The Real Bakery Behind the Book

Love Love Bakery is a celebration of gathering spaces I have visited everywhere— friendly bakeries and coffee shops with doors wide open to all. 

But above all, it celebrates a real place and real people. The first time I walked into Jane & John Dough Bakery at 208 N. Elm St. in Tomball, Texas, I was greeted by the real Jane’s magical smile and a warm hello. It felt like home. That moment was the first spark of inspiration for this book. 

Bakers Jane and John are serious about artisanal baking, strong coffee, and creating community among their regulars and visitors. All of the illustrations are based on them and their beautiful shop— an old blue house under a giant tree in Old Town Tomball.

If you are ever in the area, stop by for a slice of salted honey pie. This place is exactly what you’ve been looking for.