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Suzanne Stabile

Author of The Path Between Us and host of the podcast, “The Enneagram Journey”

Love Love Bakery is perhaps the best writing on hospitality that has ever crossed my desk. Sara Mitchell has imagined a community, gathering in a bakery where all are welcome to share in a feast of acceptance and grace. She engages our sensibility about difference, with the subtle suggestion that love is like wild yeast floating in the air, landing on everyone making it possible for all to rise. Don’t mistake this for a book written just for children. Every reading, regardless of age, will soften your heart and expand your understanding of belonging.”


Dr. David Naugle

Chair and Professor of Philosophy, Distinguished University Professor, Dallas Baptist University, author of the award-winning Worldview: The History of a Concept

This is an amazing work of art. You will profit from it no matter who you are, whether a few months or much, much older! It's like the bakery and cafė it is based on. The book is open to all, especially to little ones. It sings the praises of work done well. As a book, it's good for your soul, and theirs. Though I can't say this about too many books, this one will improve your vocabulary! We hope the author writes more and more. I am highly pleased to recommend this work.


Rev. Dr. Katie Hays

Galileo Church

Communities of belonging happen wherever people make room for each other. And very often they happen over food and drink, the essential reminders of our common humanity. Wherever belonging is cultivated, the Spirit of our Maker is present and lively — like at Love Love Bakery, where kindness floats on the air like wild yeast.


David Ramirez

Musician, Houston native, 2017 album We're Not Going Anywhere, nominated for 2017-18 Austin Music Awards songwriter of the year

Sara has written an educational children’s story in Love Love Bakery. It’s a story that accepts all walks of life in a simple, funny, and sweet way. In it she uses numbers, science, and puns to create a world where all are welcome; a message that no one is too young to learn or understand. 

A.V. Crofts

Author of Meet me at the Bamboo Table: Everyday Meals Everywhere

"If you're lucky, there's a Love Love Bakery near you: where every morning blueberry muffins are baked, coffee perks, and sourdough bread rises. Sara Triana Mitchell has beautifully captured in words the joy of feeding a community, 80 teaspoons of salt, 150 cup of flour, and 640 tablespoons of butter at a time."


Nancy Fleming

Director, Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell, New Mexico

Mix fun facts with pinches of puns, stir in breezy dialogue and like-able characters, and you have the ‘bakings’ of a wonderful book for hip parents to read aloud to their cool kids! The words by Sara Mitchell are as carefully crafted as the food being prepared in the book…and you only wish you could be in there in the real to taste the love! The watercolor illustrations by H2 Alaska are charming and trendy – like the milk-foam formed feather on a latte! How could you not love love this book?


Maggie Bailey

Owner of Bramble & Bee, bespoke floral design shop and boutique, Tomball, Texas

What Sara has written is such a perfect glimpse into the slightly chaotic daily life of a local bakery. She's put words to the reason behind why they bake bread and treats, clean up messes, and chat with caffeinated customers day in and day out- to make sure they all feel loved and welcome. I'm so grateful to be apart of the Love Love Bakery community and to have it so lovingly captured on paper by Sara.


Grace P. Cho

Writer and Editorial Manager at (in)courage

This book highlights the beauty and need of having a third place- a place outside of home and work where one can rest and commune with others. Love Love Bakery is a space where the people in the neighborhood experience acceptance and love with a side of coffee and fresh-baked bread. May reading this book open your hearts to do the same for those around you.


Jaimee Harris

Musician, Austin Music Awards finalist

[It] may be a children's book, but it certainly yields the power to move readers of all ages. Mitchell masterfully invites the reader to consider how many complex issues could be resolved by practicing kindness and inclusivity. Artists have a unique ability to challenge the world around them to view complicated issues from new perspectives. Mitchell has certainly accomplished that goal with Love Love Bakery. Its simplicity serves as its own reminder that practicing love should be just that: simple.